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Experience the thrilling Bhutan trekking tours with Menorik Travels

Bhutan or the “Land of Thunder Dragon” has thrilling destinations for trekking because of its equistic location. If you want to experience an adventurous activities then just try the trekking in Bhutan. Bhutan trekking is the best way to enjoy the natural beauty of the country with breathtaking scenery, a rich Buddhist culture, friendly people, and few other travellers. Does not matter where from are you but are you crazy about adventures? Then Bhutan is the perfect place for you as we know that people from all over the world are crazy about Bhutan trekking. Bhutan trekking tour is memorable for exploring natural beauty and also for the adventurous routes of Bhutan. Bhutan proffers the most exclusive ways of trekking in the Himalayas.

You can plan your Bhutan trekking trip with best and the most trusted Menorik Travels. It is always ready to offers you the unforgettable trekking experienced in the rugged, stony and breathtaking trek of Bhutan. If you are an adventure seeker then don’t forget to contact with Menorik Travels. You can overcome the all difficulty on the way of trekking if MT with you. In the bucket of its there has 10 years experienced and 1000+ satisfied clients all over the world.

Find the popular Bhutan Trekking Routes

The county has unlimited trekking routes. Bhutan Trekking Routes are full of adventures, natural beauty, sightseeing and also too much difficulty that’s why Bhutan is the favourites trekking place for the adventure seeker across the globe. Some of trekking routes are Gangtey Trek, Druk Path Trek, Sagala Trek, Bhumtang trek, Moutanin Goddess Trek, Ma Sagang Trek, Chomolhari Trek, Laya Gasa Trek, Snowman Trek, and Gangakar Puensen South East Face Trek etc. when you and your team are in Bhutan and want to go for a trekking, common people and some local guides are there those are know the routes very well and also the problems and the solutions, they will guide you properly on the way of the trekking. Menorik Travels is also there for guide you on the trekking in every possible way, has well experienced and professional personnel to give you the remarkable trekking experienced.

Take 6 days/5 nights Bhutan trekking packages from the Menorik Travels, will be giving you the all problems solution while you are on trekking such as trained guide, horsemen, equipments, cook, assistants and hygienist way etc. trekkers can only carry the basic needs like water bottle, raincoat, spare clothes, sunscreen, and camera. For the hygiene priority a bowl of soapy water given to the trekkers before all meals, meals are always cooked, fresh, healthy and light. Menorik Travels ensure all steps for the security, safety and comfort of all trekkers.

Day 1: Paro to Jele Dzong distance – 8 km and time – 3 hours

Day 2: Jele Dzong to Jungchulekha distance 10km Time 3-4 hours

Day 3: Jungchulekha to Jimilang Tsho distance 11 km time – 4 hours

Day 4: Jimilang Tsho to Simkota Tsho, distance – 11 km, time – 4 hours.

Day 5: Simkota Tsho to Phajoding, distance – 10 km, time – 3 / 4 hours

Day 6: Phajoding to Thimphu, distance – 5 km, time- 3 hours.

Successful Bhutan Trekking Trip with Menorik Travels

Menorik travels gives you the best and remarkable experience of trekking. So you can plan Bhutan Trekking trip with the care of Menorik Travels. Menorik travels provide more than people want. Team of experts are highly qualified, experienced, friendly and soft in nature and they always respect the clients, well dressed, well maintained. You will never and ever find the optional of Menorik Travels.

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